About MacGregor Area Community Development Corporation

The MacGregor Area Community Development Corporation (MACDC) was founded in 1992 as a not-for-profit community improvement organization with the mission of preserving and enhancing the livability of the Riverside District (the District) for current and future residents.   Teaming with private and public partners, the MACDC achieves its mission by spearheading positive change and improvements in the District.

MACDC’s most notable success is the acquisition and renovation of the Renaissance Shopping Center at Scott Street and Old Spanish Trail in partnership with another non-profit organization.  The purpose of this project was to bring a decent supermarket to the District.

Four years ago, the MACDC started its current initiative of revitalizing the District by transforming vacant lots, vacant and deteriorated residential and commercial properties, and “problem” properties into new traditional single-family detached homes for sale primarily to new and current families associated with nearby employers, and to families with strong bonds to current residents or institutions of the District.

The District is benefiting from two anticipated results from MACDC’s efforts:  new families have purchased new homes, and MACDC’s land assemblage program caused dozens of property eyesores to disappear.

MACDC is managed by a Board of Directors composed mostly of residents of the Riverside District who are highly educated and experienced professionals in real estate development, business operations, law and community affairs.

Board of Directors

James J. Smith, President

Robert L. Combre, Board Chair

Mark Chretien, Vice President

Peggy Engram, Secretary/Treasurer

Yvette Calloway

Contact Information:

MacGregor Area CDC

5445 Almeda Road, Suite 445

Houston, TX 77004