Meet the Neighbors

The Riverside District may be the paradigm of “community.”

Here, people from all backgrounds and walks of life enjoy the cohesion of “an interacting population inside a larger society.” And there is simply no arguing that the district is made up of “various kinds of individuals.”

For example, many medical professionals have chosen to call Riverside home due to its proximity to the Texas Medical Center. Doctors, research specialists, administrators and medical assistants of all types appreciate the one-mile commute and would not trade it for the world.

Additionally, professional educators abound in the Riverside District. Enveloped by four major universities, the district has proven to be a magnet for those spending their professional lives in the halls of higher education.

Still, the Riverside District is diverse. Athletes, lawyers, judges, politicians, entrepreneurs and religious leaders live side-by-side with small business owners, retirees and working folk of all stripes. In some cases, families are on their third generation of Riverside residency.

Why? Community.

District members such as Ms. Yvette Calloway know the value of community. This 88-year-old resident has been living in Riverside since 1947. Ms. Calloway raised her family here, as well as acted as a community organizer and precinct judge for most of her years as a resident. In fact, there is a park named after Ms. Calloway in the district in honor of her tireless work.

“I would like to see the district comeback, return to the way it was,” the octogenarian said as she reflected on her years in the neighborhood. “There was a time when everyone here knew everyone else here. There were no strangers. My kids played with all the other kids on the block. There was never a bit of trouble. It was a wonderful place to live and raise a family and it will be again.”

Houston City Controller Ronald Green is a relatively new resident; he and his family have lived in the community for only ten years, but they like it so much, they sold their first house in Riverside and bought a second one, and renovated.

“We love the neighborhood’s convenience, its history, character and sense of community,” the controller said. “I think the district is catching on. We are seeing more diversity in the neighborhood, more renovation and more commerce. We love it and we think it’s the next big thing,” he said with a smile.